Recent Publications

Gagnon, J.A., Valen, E., Thyme, S.B., Huang, P., Ahkmetova, L., Pauli, A., Montague, T. G., Zimmerman, S., Richter, C. and Schier, A.F. (2014). Efficient Mutagenesis by Cas9 Protein-Mediated Oligonucleotide Insertion and Large-Scale Assessment of Single-Guide RNAs. PLoS One 9, e98186. PDF

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Xiong, F., Tentner, A.R., Huang, P., Gelas, A., Mosaliganti, K.R., Souhait, L., Rannou, N., Swinburne, I.A., Obholzer, N.D., Cowgill, P.D., Schier, A.F., and Megason, S.G. (2013). Specified Neural Progenitors Sort to Form Sharp Domains after Noisy Shh Signaling. Cell 153, 550–561. PaperFlick Faculty of 1000 PDF

     See Preview in: Little, S.C. and Gregor, T. (2013). Sorting sloppy Sonic. Cell 153, 509-510.

Huang, P.*, Xiong, F., Megason, S.G., and Schier, A.F.* (2012). Attenuation of Notch and Hedgehog signaling is required for fate specification in the spinal cord. PLoS Genetics. 8, e1002762. *Co-corresponding authors. PDF

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Huang, P.*, and Schier, A.F.* (2009). Dampened Hedgehog signaling but normal Wnt signaling in zebrafish without cilia. Development 136, 3089-3098.

*Co-corresponding authors. Faculty of 1000 PDF

     See comments in: VanHook, A.M., Refining Signaling Domains. (2009). Sci. Signal. 2, ec290.

Mao, J.#, McGlinn, E.#, Huang, P., Tabin, C.J., and McMahon, A.P. (2009). Fgf-dependent Etv4/5 activity is required for posterior restriction of Sonic Hedgehog and promoting outgrowth of the vertebrate limb. Dev Cell 16, 600-606.

#Co-first authors. Faculty of 1000 PDF

Sharma, P., Ruel, T.D., Kocha, K.M., Liao, S., and Huang, P. (2019). Single cell dynamics of embryonic muscle progenitor cells in zebrafish. Development 146, dev178400. Selected as cover article. See preprint at bioRxiv.

Hudish, L.I., Galati, D.F., Andrew M. Ravanelli, A.M., Pearson, C.G., Huang, P., and Appel, B. (2016). miR-219 initiates neural progenitor differentiation by dampening apical Par protein-dependent Hedgehog signaling. Development 143, 2292-2304. PDF

Lin, Y., Louie, D., Ganguly, A., Wu, D., Huang, P., and Liao, S. (2018). Elastin Shapes Small Molecule Distribution in Lymph Node Conduits. J. Immunol. 200, 3142-3150. Cover Image

Ma, R.C., Jacobs, C.T., Sharma, P., Kocha, K.M., and Huang, P. (2018). Stereotypic generation of axial tenocytes from bipartite sclerotome domains in zebrafish. PLoS Genetics. 14, e1007775.

Rajan, A.M., Ma, R.C., Kocha, K.M., Zhang, D.J., and Huang, P. (2020) Dual function of perivascular fibroblasts in vascular stabilization in zebrafish. PLoS Genetics 16(10): e1008800. See preprint at bioRxiv.

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Xiong, F.#, Tentner, A.R.#, Nandagopal, S., Hiscock, T.W., Huang, P., and Megason, S.G. (2018). Heterogeneity of Sonic Hedgehog response dynamics and fate specification in single neural progenitors. eLife 13, RP96980. #Co-first authors.

Jacobs, C.T., and Huang, P. (2020) Complex crosstalk of Notch and Hedgehog signalling during the development of the central nervous system. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences.

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Jacobs, C.T., Kejriwal, A., Kocha, K.M., Jin, K.Y., and Huang, P. (2022). Temporal cell fate determination in the spinal cord is mediated by the duration of Notch signalling. Dev Biol 489, 1–13. See preprint at bioRxiv.

Rajan, A.M., Rosin N.L., Labit E., Biernaskie J., Liao S., and Huang, P. (2023). Single-cell analysis reveals distinct fibroblast plasticity during tenocyte regeneration in zebrafish. Science Advances 9, eadi5771. See preprint at bioRxiv.

Chen, J.#, Wang, H.#, Wu, S.#, Zhang, A., Qiu, Z., Huang, P., Qu, J.Y., and Xu, J. (2024). col1a2+ fibroblasts/muscle progenitors finetune xanthophore countershading by differentially expressing csf1a/1b in embryonic zebrafish. Science Advances 10, eadj9637. #Co-first authors.

Ahuja, S., Adjekukor, C., Li, Q., Kocha, K.M., Rosin, N., Labit, E., Sinha, S., Narang, A., Long, Q., Biernaskie, J., Huang, P., and Childs, S.J. (2024). The development of brain pericytes requires expression of the transcription factor nkx3.1 in intermediate precursors. PLOS Biology 22(4), e3002590.